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Monday, 1 July 2013

Well, yes. Yes, I like Coldplay.

If you think you have found a fan-blog about Coldplay, think again.
If after those second thoughts, you still think this is a fan-blog dedicated to the British pop-rock band Coldplay, well, no. Sorry, you're wrong. But don't worry, it happens to the best. Not that I would try to flatter you in such a blatant way, it happens to the mediocre too...

A while back ago, or probably yesterday, if you're a Dave viewer, Noel Fielding, of the excellent Mighty Boosh fame, declared in a memorable episode of Never Mind The Buzzcock... Oh come now, there are some, like the one with the fantastic under-cover funny guy Josh Groban (@joshgroban) or that one with Doppy(not his real name), from that band thingy, with his comedy hat, you know? Who's apparently not only half as stupid as he looks*... anyway.

In that episode of @NMTB_TV, Mr Fielding was relating the anecdote of when he told “I hate Coldplay” to the manager of the band, who replied “Oh yeah, I heard it was cool to hate them lately”, he then retorted “No no, I'm not trying to be cool. I really hate Coldplay”.
Well, this, Ladies and Gentlemen, got me thinking, which is hardly a surprise coming from a guy who has to think hard upon existential questions like 'tea or coffee?', 'pudding or cheese?', 'Am I left or right handed?'

At first, I thought “Well, Mr Fielding is...”

Sorry, I have to stop for a moment here. I can't carry on calling him Mr Fielding. I sound like a man-servant or the prosecutor in a Court of Justice, which is not the purpose of this piece. Nor Noel either, it makes me sound like his chum, like I know him or even worse, like I have delusion of knowing the man! Ah, grammatical and etiquette conundrum rolled into one. I guess his full name will have to do. Bear with me...

... I naturally thought that Noel Fielding was of course untitled to Noel Fielding's own opinion and who was I to begrudge Noel Fielding on what Noel Fielding could like or not. Noel Fielding is one of the most creative and unique mind of this televisual age and Noel Fielding can bloody hate what Noel Fielding bloody wants! Oh, how I love Noel Fielding!_ er... (too much? Probably too much).
Never the less, Noel Fielding not trying to be cool is a thought defying the imagination...

BUT – and I like big buts, I cannot lie – what really got me thinking is the other bit, the bit about cool hatred of something fashionable.

Why is there that communal idea that if something is remotely popular it is obviously shit? Did we all become hipsters?
This concept is as ludicrous as ideas along the same line of: “If it's light entertainment it can not be clever” or: “if nobody thinks like me, I'm obviously right”.
Most people think it a bad idea to cross the motorway on foot and no lunatic would probably live long enough to prove anyone other wise...

If you're starting to think like this, that your opinion uniqueness is in itself the obvious proof of its undeniable veracity, it's a very slippery slop my friend.

Bear in mind that, globally, there is fewer racist people than non-racist (that I would probably just naturally call 'normal' people), that creationism is not the commonly admitted norm and that Jedward's fans are still a tiny minority; are those people right because they are fewer? Well, hasn't God created white, blond and light-brained perfect Irish twins in less than seven days?!
Hasn't He/She/It/None Of The Above?

In short, next time you judge that something is 'shit' solely based on its popularity – be it Harry Potter books or films, football, Justin Bieber, Game of Thrones, Twitter, Apple's product or, for that matter, Microsoft's rubbish(this list is non-exhaustive and doesn't reflect my taste) – especially if you use the reason: “Everyone says it's great/good, but I prefer to make my own mind up” whilst really meaning “... therefore it must be shit because I have individual taste, me, you know”, you're doing exactly the opposite of what you're preaching and are behaving like a teenager, and not even a clever one.

Yes. I like Coldplay.
Last night, I've realised that I appreciated Mumford & Sons too.
Millions of people might not be that wrong after all... even if it is a bit bland. So are millions of people. A bit. And so, in all likelihood, am I.

In conclusion, it is of course a matter of taste, but ultimately, don't think too much of your self-perceived uniqueness. Cultivate it, cherish it, yes, but remember that that idea of “uniqueness” is not the thing that makes you unique. This is the most common trait of all: We're all different.

* Fact confirmed beyond any doubt by an article I read lately, in Closer or something... I know, I should be more careful about my readings but, in my defence, there was nothing else to read in the surgery waiting room and I'd brought only that one magazine.

~ After re-reading those few lines, I have now no idea of what exactly was my point... Originally, I wanted to speak about my age and my inability to find jeans that fit. It didn't go that way.
Until next time

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