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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Messenger

~ Transcript of the audio-log of Foreman Gadsby Jackson, Mining Prospecting Team Leader for S.T.A.R* – Mission: Callisto I – 14/03/2183 – Callisto, 4th moon of Jupiter ~

> Last entry_
> Day 11_
> 03:34:22_
> Sender= G.Jackson_
> To: S.T.A.R_

… s thing on?

*Static and white noises*

*Low groan *


… To whoever will receive this message: CAUTION! This is not a Mayday call. I repeat: this is NOT a Mayday. This is a warning!
We are not alone. ... not alone...
... gnnn...

... Everything when to pot... The men are all... They all... I_


3 Earth Days ago, at 800 hour, we entered Jupiter's shadow. Two ED later, the night finally fell on this wretched rock ... and something woke. awakened
The men began to complain. They spoke of strange behaviour of other team mates... They began to distrust each other.
paranoia Surely some paranoia due to isolation... Nevertheless, everything has degenerated rapidly. Mike launched the hypothesis of a contamination, but we did not realised... We couldn't see them! Aargh...

*Difficult breathing*

... the men started fighting... They... They all killed each other...
I haven't seen Kovalevski for at least 10 hours. I think I'm the last one. the first one

*Pause in the recording *

I know now that we have been attacked, not attacked we are not alone! not alone
I was 'stung' today... in the right shoulder. There's something in me. yes I can feel it moving... it's in the back of my neck. I_ Aaargh!... It hurts like a bitch... bitch?
I repeat: this is not a Mayday! This_ AAAah! This is an invitation! No! All problems here will soon be resolved. ... help... Everything will be back to normal, ready for your arrival. We are sorry for the few inconveniences caused. help me! But all of this was necessary to avoid future communication difficulties. So I repeat: come, no!... come, we have been waiting for you, for so long.

* Society of Transportation & Astro-Regulation : Consortium responsible for the regulation and delivery of natural resources throughout the solar system.

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