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Just joking, WELCOME! Here, you'll find some short fiction stories, anecdotes and my possible grumpy opinion on pretty much everything and anything. As you didn't in the slightest asked for it and because I can be magnanimous, I'll try to wrap it all in a clever cocktail of sarcastic witticism and stylish dark humour of the latest fashion, under the icy sophistication of which, you'll discern my true cry of despair to witness our world going to pot... or maybe it's just something I ate.
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Caution MAY CONTAIN STRONG LANGUAGE AND HAZARDOUS PUNCTUATION... and with a bit of luck, some English too.

Sunday, 7 October 2012


It was reduced to a pulp encrusted in the irregular asphalt of the road. In places, some tufts of blood matted hair were sticking out. It could have been a cat... or a large squirrel. Chris was far away from those considerations. He was three and busy poking it with a stick, cocking his head to one side.
- “Christopher, come here ! We're going to be late !”
Regretfully, he left his gruesome find and went to meet his mother in the driveway.

Once in the car, she tried to calm herself down. What would his father say? Him and his new bimbo... It wasn't her fault if they were always late everywhere... She knew she could barely cope with the situation : her son, her job, the house, the mortgage, that useless ex of hers. She had already enough on her mind without his constant reproach and incessant criticism... And now, with the cat who disappeared...
- “I've seen Pooky”, said Chris absent-mindedly, out of the blue.
- “Oh ? Was he fine ?
- It didn't say...”
What a strange child, she thought.


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